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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Settlers HD di Android | QVGA

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Download Data Files:

Download HVGA (APK + TiTanium Backup File):

Instruction for HVGA users:
After you install the apk and put the data, install Titanium Backup from market ( you must have a root access)
-Extract the downloaded file to sdcard
-Open Titanium Backup
-Select The Settlers
-Select restore DATA Only
HVGA version is tested on LG GT540 ,works perfect and smooth 

Data after Extract will be 1.2 GB larger

Download QVGA (APK+APK+Titanium Bakckup File):

Instruction for QVGA users:
1. Extract Settlers.qvga.apk+titaniumbackup.rar
2. Place GloftSTHP folder to sdcard\gameloft\games
3. Place the Titanium Backup folder on the sdcard/TitaniumBackup
4. Install the file named The_Settlers_HD_1.0.3_QVGA.apk
5. Install more files with names signedThe_Settlers_HD_1.0.3_Cracked_tag3r.apk,it will ask u to replace install,select yes and install
6. Restore The Settlers HD 1.0.3 using TitaniumBackup.
7. Install the file again signedThe_Settlers_HD_1.0.3_Cracked_tag3r.apk
8. Done
This game was not working on galaxy fit, textures problem was in there everything were white and black but now i have Fixed it it works smoother and fine on galaxy fit
this game is tested on galaxy fit and mini and galaxy 5
works perfect

Copy Data Files to SDCard/Gameloft/Games
Judul: The Settlers HD di Android | QVGA
Rating: 100% based on 99998 ratings. 5 user reviews.
Ditulis Oleh Muhammad Hassam Robbani

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